Reasonable utilization method of bucket teeth of excavator

Source:Hangzhou Guannan Wear Resistant Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2020-03-16

As people's use of excavators continues to increase, more and more projects are gradually adapting to the existence of such equipment. However, with the use of the excavator, the wear of the bucket teeth of the excavator is also constantly strengthened, so how should we usually operate when using the excavator in order to more effectively use the bucket teeth of the excavator?

The importance of the bucket teeth of the excavator is self-evident, so when you use it, you should pay more attention to it, and you must take correct measures to make it work properly. So, how to use the teeth of the excavator to be correct? Let me introduce you below.

The right choice: The use of the bucket teeth of the excavator should first be properly selected, and the determination of the material needs to be performed according to the environment. Only in this way can the correct selection be ensured, and the correctly selected bucket teeth are also used in use. Can play good performance.

Attention to angle: The operator of the excavator should pay attention to the angle operation during the operation. Try to grasp when digging. When the bucket teeth are digging down, it should be perpendicular to the work surface, or the camber angle should not be greater than 120 degrees. Bucket teeth. Also pay attention not to swing the digging arm left and right under the condition of large resistance, this will cause the bucket teeth and the tooth seat to break due to excessive left and right forces, because the mechanical design principles of most types of bucket teeth do not consider the left and right forces design.

Timely replacement: The wear of the tooth seat is also very important for the service life of the bucket teeth of the excavator. The tooth seat is worn down by 10%-15% It is recommended to replace the tooth seat because the excessively worn tooth seat and bucket There is a large gap between the teeth, so that the cooperation between the bucket teeth and the tooth seat and the force point are changed, and the bucket teeth are broken due to the change of the force point.