Artificial care method of bucket teeth

Source:Hangzhou Guannan Wear Resistant Materials Co., LtdRelease time:2020-03-16

With the increasing use of machinery and equipment. They are in many places in our lives. The more you use, the greater the natural loss. So how to reduce the loss through some artificial care?

One is to organize and protect. After the normal use of Ningbo bucket teeth, we should not rush to save them or blindly seal them. The best way is to organize and protect them. It is worth noting that during the finishing time, pollutants, dust, impurities must be removed, and the edges and corners of the thing must be restored to cleanliness. In this way, they will have very good operating conditions at the next work. .

Second, repair and protection. After the Guannan bucket tooth is usually used, you should also pay attention to it. The contact with various types of soil will inevitably cause abrasion or damage. In this regard, we must find the problem in time so that we can be very good. Repair them and end the guarantee of protection.

Therefore, when we use buckets, we can protect them according to the above tips. This is the basic trick to protect them in general, and it is a good condition to ensure the durable use of this thing.